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​"I am writing this letter to recommend The Geek, and his computer service, The Geek and Grammar Queen, in Swansboro. We have used The Geek for our computer service needs for about five years.  We operate our business from our home office and my son, a senior in high school, is home schooled and relies on his computer for his distance testing and transcripts.  Therefore it goes without saying that our computers are very important to our lives.  Along with the online “Team-Viewer” program, and his ability to come to our office in person on numerous occasions, The Geek has been able to keep us operating with safety, efficiency and minimal computer operational problems over these past five years.  I am always amazed at his quick response to our requests and his temperament. Computer problems make most of us crazy mad, but The Geek never gets ruffled and is always confident and competent for the challenge.  I highly recommend his services to anyone who needs any kind of computer assistance."     

Susan M. Gasperson, Vice-President, Gasperson, Inc

"We purchased several computers for our new network in our office from The Geek and The Grammar Queen Computer Repairs and More Store in Swansboro. It was great working with the "Geek" and his staff. We do not speak computer language and they were so helpful with breaking it down for us to understand. This allowed us to hit the ground running with the new business. The computer aspect was the easy part. LOL! We are a small business starting up and the "Geek" came out and set us up and showed us how everything worked. He also came back several times when we had issues or questions and was available by phone to help us out when we needed. He also was able to remote into our computer to help us set up our email. It is good to deal with locally owned and operated companies and we will definitely recommend The Geek and the Grammar Queen." 

John Fortune, Owner, Provision Insurance Group, Inc. Jacksonville, NC 

"I would like to thank The Geek and The Grammar Queen Computer Repairs and More Store in Swansboro for your tireless efforts to bring back to life donated computers. I e-mailed you about a week ago about a free pc for me. You said no problem and had one ready in a flash. I stopped in and you even carried the computer to my vehicle. I appreciate your family's service to our beloved United States of America. I myself am proud to say I served and the motto "Once a Marine, Always a Marine" really shows in your business. Once again thank you, and I will let everyone I know where you are located." 

R Colasanti Jacksonville, NC

"Dear Friends: I am thankful I found the Geek and the Grammar Queen, about 3 months ago we were having increasing problem with down loading larger programs, videos etc. I checked everything I know and was convinced that the main problem was old cables..I could not get TWC to listen, they treated me as a dope! I went to the Geek and Grammar Queen, they listened, believed me, helped me check out all my equipment (for free!!!) and then recommended various tests I could use to convince TWC that I needed new cables. I finally convinced them and about 2 weeks later got all new cables and new hard-line from the trunk. Things improved by 300% and I then had the Geek and Queen techs come to my business, install a new wireless router, upgrade the networks etc....It took only about 1 hour.....Total cost was about 10% Of previous estimates!!!. They were very knowledgeable, treated me extremely well, and were in every sense, professional....I have recommended them to friends and colleagues, and will continue to do so! I believe this area finally has an honest, reliable and extremely customer friendly and oriented service..Something we have needed for a long time. They are committed to the Marines and Navy needs and those of senior citizens....many of whom have been ripped off for years by other local services...As long as they continue in this mission vein, I will support them...Semper Fi!" Sincerely, 

Dr Michael Porter, Swansboro, NC

"I would just like to say thank you so very much for the free laptop I received from you guys. It will make my school work so much easier. Not many people would be willing to let go of such a hot item and I am forever grateful for your generosity. " 

Ceara Smith, Jacksonville, NC

"I couldn't believe it when I saw your ad (If You Know Of Someone Who Needs A Basic PC) on LYS. I arrived before you closed, and you gave my family and I a whole computer set-up for free. Thank you guys so much. Now when I am out of town, I will be able to communicate with my wife and family online. Thanks again!!!" 

Logan Ripley, Richlands, NC

“The Geek Rocks! I had the Geek work on my computers twice. Fair and honest! If he can save it he will, he can't he won't. He always seems to do just a little extra without charging you so that your computer is better than what you expected when you get it back. The Geek doesn't mind educating you. They don't take your computer to some back room and say we'll let you know. They took me back with my computer and showed me the set up and what they were doing and why! A very positive and quick experience!” 

Jon Davis, Owner, Dairy Queen, Swansboro

"I had the Geek and Grammar Queen remove viruses from both of my computers. These guys did an excellent job. They
ensured all of my important files to include my business documents, pictures, and music were kept safe. I had both computers back the next day. They installed an antivirus program to help protect me against future viruses. They truly are the best at what they do. I recommend anyone with computer issues to go see the Geek and Grammar Queen" 

Michael Jones Swansboro, NC

"I am beyond pleased with the work the Geek and Grammar Queen did on my computers. Over the last month I had them repair 3 computers for me. I was pleasantly surprised by their quick turn around and extremely friendly customer service. I know nothing about computers and they took the time to show me the problems and explain to me how it works. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of any type of computer assistance!" 

Maribeth Tremblay Hubert, NC

"The professional team at the Geek & The Grammar Queen are truly great at what they do! I have taken several pieces of equipment and issues to them to resolve. I have numerous pc's and business equipment and I have repeatedly found them to be extremely knowledgeable and fair. They are quick to solve my technical problems for me, very reasonably priced and always willing to give you an honest opinion or advice! I now rely on them for all of my computer needs. I wouldn't go anywhere else and have recommended them to several others. Recently, they even fixed a scanner for me that I feared was probably junk! Thank you guys're the best!" - 

Michelle Weaver, Owner of MJ Dream Ventures USA, LLC dba Major COA2, Cedar Point

"We have a POS (point of sale) system at Carolina Party. Our main computer which acts as a server to two other computers was about to crash during our busiest time of year. The "Geek", came to our rescue! He worked on all of our computers which bought us time to get through Halloween. We purchased three new computers from The Geek and the Grammar Queen. The "Geek" coordinated the upgrade to our software for the POS system at his shop before installation of the computers at our store. This reduced down time at our business and inconvenience to our customers. There is a lot of work involved in making all of the components of the system work i.e. the cash drawers, product scanners, receipt printers, display poles, monitors and payment processing. He did a great job! I also brought my personal laptop to The Geek and the Grammar Queen and it is running better than ever. The Geek and his "Triage Tech" are a pleasure to work with. They are highly competent and dependable. I would highly recommend the Geek and the Grammar Queen to all...
Diane Delorier, Owner, Carolina Party, Swansboro

"I wanted to thank you for all of the “technical” help you have given to the Military Growth Task Force since you opened “The Geek & the Grammar Queen”. The Geek or his "Triage Tech" are always available for our questions and concerns or if we need repairs to any of our computers or printers. It is so nice to have someone who is actually knowledgeable in what they do! Just recently you solved our “wireless” problems and we should have called you earlier instead of putting up with “lost connections”! Staff has also been pleased when they have had personal computer problems fixed in a timely manner. Kudos to you and your staff for your professionalism and expertise!!
Loraine M. Carbone, Administrative Services Coordinator, NC Eastern Region - Military Growth Task Force

“The Geek was great! Thank you for your recommendations for our network upgrades. The new ASUS desktop PC you set up for us at the office is working flawlessly. We will be calling you again soon for replacing our front office computer. I recommend The Geek & The Grammar Queen to customers and friends on a daily basis. Thanks again!”
Carole Bridges, Owner of USA Roofing, Emerald Isle

“To the Geek and Grammar Queen.........Thank you for being available for quickly recovering data and restoring the network on our system. The new PC you sold us and the network function great. It increased productivity in the office. I appreciate the straight forward solutions for our problems. I guess that is obvious since after you passed my 'test', I gave you my home system to repair. Most of all thanks for recognizing I needed the work done quickly but right too.”
Randy Swanson Owner of Icehouse Waterfront Restaurant, Swansboro

"Awesome services! The best I have come across!” 

Marcus Cheiba Havelock, NC

 "The Geek and The Grammar Queen Computer Repairs and More Store have given us top professional service at home and in their shop. They are very knowledgeable and helpful for the inexperienced and experienced computer owner. I would highly recommend them to any private company or person having issues with their computer."

 Janet Morgan Swansboro, NC

"The Geek was awesome! I had so many problems with our business desktop computer. We purchased a new computer, and the Geek transferred our business files and setup the new computer up in our shop. Glad to have a friendly knowledgeable person to help out. I will be using this company again and can't wait to refer people. Thanks again!" 

Sandi, Owner of Coastal Outlet in Cedar Point, NC

“Just wanted to thank you again for your professional speedy service. I would highly recommend you to anyone with computer problems. 

Margie Sterling (Here on vacation) Las Vegas, NV

"My wireless internet in my house was running very slow. I called The Geek & The Grammar Queen, and they promptly scheduled an appointment to meet with me. Their technician was very knowledgeable and professional. The technician offered a few options for an affordable upgraded wireless package. Once I made the decision, the technician scheduled a time, installed, and connected each device in my house to the wireless router to include our PS3. I recommend The Geek & The Grammar Queen for all your computer and wireless needs." 

Jossie N. Swansboro, NC

"I brought The Geek & The Grammar Queen two desktop towers in pieces and a inoperable laptop. I received a phone call and was told all the data was recovered from both computers and they were running like new. These people are scientists!" 

Jeanie R. Jacksonville, NC

"While at my store looking to purchase a fire extinguisher, The Geek & The Grammar Queen's technician kindly ran a few tests on our company laptop and found multiple viruses causing our pc to run very slow. The technician took the laptop to their office, and had it back to me the following day virus free. They know how to keep you calm about viruses on your PC." 

Pat F. Jacksonville, NC, Retired MGuns

"I was told it was not worth repairing my laptop screen at a big computer repair store chain. I called The Geek & The Grammar Queen, and they repaired my laptop for under $200. Thank you so much!"

Bob F. Jacksonville, NC, Retired CWO3

"My wife and I never backed up any of our pictures or music files. We thought our computer crashed and we lost everything. Somehow The Geek & The Grammar Queen technicians were able to recover all of our files, and restored our computer like new. Thanks to The Geek & The Grammar Queen we did not lose any of our priceless pictures, videos, and music files. The Geek & The Grammar Queen technician installed a 1 Terabyte (1000 Gigabytes) external hard drive in our home to provide daily back up for our files." 

David S. Swansboro, NC